Utah Governor Spencer Cox Signs Bill Strengthening the State’s Preemption Bill

Utah is not going to let the Left turn its cities into anti-gun power bases. 

On March 24, 2022,  Governor Spencer Cox signed Senate Bill 115 to strengthen Utah’s firearm preemption law. In doing, so Cox has cemented his status as a solid pro-Second Amendment governor. Last year, on February 12 , 2021, Cox signed House Bill 60, Utah’s Constitutional Carry law. 2021 was a strong year for Constitutional Carry, where states such as Iowa, Montana, Tennessee, Texas, and Utah passed said legislation. 

SB 115 strengthens Utah’s current firearm preemption statue by creating a mechanism to guarantee compliance. At its core, firearm preemption bars municipalities from implementing their very own gun control measures.  

Having strong pre-emption laws, prevents rogue municipalities from passing their own gun control policies, thereby creating a patchwork of anti-gun “safe spaces” and statelets. A strong pre-emption law would standardize gun laws across the state and prevent the Left from carving out anti-gun bases.

Utah is one of America’s most pro-Second Amendment states. According to AZ Defenders, Utah is ranked in 12th place for best states for gun owners in America. Passing this law will strengthen Utah’s pro-gun reputation. More importantly, it deprives the Left of an ability to establish an anti-gun power base. 

The Left is relentless and they will find every opportunity at the federal, state, and local to advance their agenda. Pre-emption laws allow for pro-Second Amendment champions to draw a line in the sand and keep the Left from subverting otherwise pro-gun states.

Oftentimes, the best defense of our rights comes by going on offense. 

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