Rep. Tom Cole Claims To Be Pro-Gun — But Voted For Anti-Gun Red Flag Gun Confiscation Law!

Oklahoma Rep. Tom Cole, Chairman of the powerful House Appropriations Committee, is pulling out all the stops to whitewash his swampy record as he faces a serious challenge from businessman Paul Bondar in his run for re-election in the 4th Congressional District.

This includes touting an endorsement from the NRA, an organization any serious gun rights supporter knows is not the pro-gun organization they claim to be -- having a sordid history when it comes to defending the Second Amendment.

Remember that time longtime NRA head Wayne LaPierre endorsed and campaigned for notorious gun grabber Harry Reid?

We do:

The truth is that Rep. Cole is all talk when it comes to fighting for gun owners.

He proved that when he sided with Democrats to sneak a red flag gun confiscation law into the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)!

The NDAA sets the annual budget for the military -- yet is often used as a sneaky way to slip legislation politicians can't pass on its own -- which was the case in this situation.

Explaining this move, Cam Edwards of Bearing Arms wrote at the time:

"The military version of the red flag law proposed by Democrats looks a lot like the civilian version found in more than a dozen states. Without being charged or even accused of a crime, a service member could have their right to possess a firearm taken away from them by a military court, and the subject of the red flag order wouldn’t even have a chance to provide any evidence on their behalf for up to 30 days after the court’s order was issued.

Just like with the red flag laws in place in states from California to Connecticut, if a person is found (through a lowered standard of review than what is used in a criminal proceeding) to be a danger to themselves or others by a judge, there’s no actual mental health component to the order removing guns. A supposedly dangerous person can be left with knives, pills, poison, gasoline and matches, and any other tool they might use to take their own life or the lives of others as long as any legally owned guns are taken away."

Gun Owners of America blasted Republicans who sided with Democrats on this anti-gun move:
  Cole has been under fire in recent weeks as his record has come to light.

His most formidable opponent, businessman Paul Bondar is running television ads showcasing unearthed statements from Cole praising far-left Democrat Adam Schiff, along with Schiff reciprocating the praise, calling Cole his "favorite Republican."

Cole is also facing criticism for political donations he has made -- giving thousands to Nikki Haley and Mike Pence's presidential campaigns -- and his PAC donating $5,000 earlier this year to Sen. Susan Collins, a pro-impeachment RINO who has pledged to oppose President Donald Trump in his 2024 campaign.

His opponent, Paul Bondar, has pledged to support the Second Amendment, and oppose any red flag gun confiscation bills if elected.

The primary election in Oklahoma's 4th Congressiona District is June 18th. 

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