Retired US Army Col: "We Need Trump To Restore 2nd Amendment Rights, Secure Border Against Violent Invasion"

Colonel Mike McCalister, a former Florida gubernatorial and US Senate candidate, who has been on the front lines of grassroots patriot groups helped assist the red wave that led to the election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States in 2016, along with returning the House of Representatives to Republican control, is sounding the alarm about how President Trump will restore 2nd Amendment rights in America. 
"A restoration of our fundamental Constitutional and God Given rights, including unequivocal free speech, religious freedoms, and 2nd Amendment rights are needed now, more than ever. Americans watched how dedicated and effective President Trump was during his first term, from protecting us both domestically and abroad," explained McCalister. 
COL Mike McCalister, who served on the United States Special Operations Command in the Center for Operations as he sat on Pentagon Committees of the Sr Advisory Group and the Executive Steering Group for a Secretary of Defense Transformation Initiative, is throwing his full support behind a second term for President Donald J. Trump. 
"We must and will do everything we can to put America First once again. President Trump is the exact leader for this exact moment where so many Americans believe their country is on the brink of an economic, social, moral, cultural decline that can never be reversed," McCalister proclaimed in his release. 

Roger Stone, who has advised and remained a close confidante of President Trump for nearly four decades, said Colonel McCalister would be a great addition to Trump's White House in his second term.

"Colonel McCalister has been a tireless advocate for not only his fellow veterans, but also the very things that Make America Great. He would be a great addition to President Trump's administration after he emerges victorious in the 2024 election," the NYT bestselling author and legendary political operative told the Central Florida Post.

McCalister also served as the National Spokesman for Citizens for Trump, also said the following. 
"Americans watched how dedicated and effective President Trump was during his first term, protecting us both domestically and abroad. 
As we, the American people continue to face an economy in shambles, an unprotected invasion going unchecked at our Southern border, the weaponization of the Justice Department, an all out assault on parental rights, and a lack of adherence to America's founding principles that exit to preserve the liberties and freedoms that make our nation that shining city on the hill, we need a man of action," explained McCalister to Pro-Gun News, who now serves as the President of Guardians of the Republic, a non-profit policy institute.

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