Celebrities Protected with Guns Line Up to Demand Gun Control Following Transgender Shooting

Every time an evil person commits an act of mass murder with a gun, you can be sure of one thing. Celebrities, who are themselves protected by men with guns, demand gun control that would make it harder for everyday citizens to defend themselves.

The latest case is the Covenant School shooting in Nashville, which ended with the murder of five people, before the 28-year old transgender shooter, Audrey Hale, was killed by police.

All it would take is one armed guard, or a staff member carrying a firearm, and those people very well could still be alive now.

But due to anti-gun policies in place, schools are largely left defenseless to any murderous individual intent on killing as many people as possible.

As Pro-Gun News has already reported, the shooter purposefully chose this school due to its lack of security, according to police who allege that she did a “threat assessment” at another potential target before deciding it had “too much security.”

It didn’t take long following the shooting for celebrities to take to social media to shame those who support the Second Amendment, and to call for more gun control.

Of course, these celebrities wouldn’t be affected by any gun control laws passed, as they live in guarded, gated communities, and often only go out in public with armed security.

Here is a small collection of the Hollywood elites screaming for gun control:

















Just imagine if these celebrities cared as much about protecting schools as they do their elite award ceremonies, which are protected with an army of armed security?

Bobby Jeffries is a conservative activist, author, and former candidate for federal office. You can follow him on Twitter at @BobbyJeffriesPA and on Truth Social at @BobbyJeffriesPA.

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