Tucker Carlson BODYSLAMS Gun-Grabbers in Epic Takedown of Their Radical Agenda

In one of his famous monologues, Fox News host Tucker Carlson took the gun grabbers head-on pointing out that the shooting could have been prevented, and that the solutions pushed by Democrats won't do anything to stop future shootings. Rather, Carlson points out, it is about nothing more than grabbing more power. 

He points to Canada to make this point. 

Carlson said:

"What's actually happening here is that people like Justin Trudeau know that their rule is illegitimate. They know perfectly well how resented they are, and they spend an awful lot of time thinking about civil unrest. 

You probably don't. You live in a democracy, so you don't imagine that anyone needs to be disarmed for political reasons, but people like Justin Trudeau can feel the deep resentment aimed at them, and they are fully intent on disarming the population. Now, we reached out to Justin Trudeau's office today about this new law. We want to know if Trudeau will apply these laws to himself. That's always the first and most important test of sincerity. If it's good for me, it ought to be good for you, too, and vice versa.  

So, in this case, will Justin Trudeau's state-funded bodyguards be relinquishing their handguns? And how about their banned AR-15s? But of course, we're not allowed to know the answer to that question because he's in power, we're not. "We do not comment on matters related to the prime minister's security," his office responded, meaning, of course not. 
Justin Trudeau isn't that stupid. He's going to continue to protect his own family. You're just not going to be allowed to protect yours in Canada. Now here in the United States, as always, Democrats are watching very carefully what Trudeau was up to as they plan our future here and already the rhetoric of the Democratic Party has changed.  

For years, Democrats, Joe Biden, his supporters, the media have talked about banning AR-15s, the so-called weapons of war, which are not, in fact used by any military, but weapons of war have been their focus. Watch."

As always, Carlson is right!

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