This GOP candidate made millions selling tear gas used on BLM and Antifa – and his new ad makes no apologies for that

When Politico put out an article attacking Congressional candidate Cory Mills for making his fortune selling the very same tear gas used on Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters, they surely expected him to cower in the face of their attacks. Instead, he made a television ad boasting about it.

“I came home and started a company making riot-control munitions for law enforcement. You may know some of our work,” Mills boasts in the ad.

The tear gas in question was produced and sold by PACEM Solutions, the company he co-founded after retiring from the military, where he had a storied career serving overseas in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

His company has been a boogeyman for the left for some time, with Democrat Rep. Cori Bush even essentially calling for it to be shut down by banning tear gas, which she refers to as a “weapon of war.”

Mills, who as a Trump appointee to the Pentagon, clearly isn’t phased by the criticism; If anything it has emboldened him.

He is spending six figures to run this ad on the airwaves across Florida’s 7th Congressional District, where polling shows him as the frontrunner in the crowded race.

The ad concludes with a message to the mainstream media: “If the media wants to shed some real tears, I can help them with that.”

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