The New York Young Republican Club Attacks Nicole Malliotakis for Her Anti-Second Amendment Vote

Earlier this month, the United States House voted for legislation that would raise the age for individuals to purchase semi-automatic firearms from 18 to 21. 

The legislation in question, HR 7910,  was approved by a vote of 228-199, with 10 Republicans voting for said legislation. One of the Republicans who voted for the legislation was New York Congresswoman Nicole Maliotakis.

In response to this Second Amendment betrayal, the New York Young Republican Club put out a statement on June 9, 2022 calling out Malliotakis for her anti-Second Amendment vote. The NYYRC boldly described Malliotakis as a “coward” for her legislative behavior. 

In the statement, the NYYRC added that Malliotakis “has long shown herself to have poor character and commitment to America First values.” It is now committed to showing Malliotakis’ constituents the treasonous nature of her vote. 

The NYYRC listed off the other “Cowards” who joined Malliotakis “in this obscene vote”:

Fitzpatrick (PA)
Gonzalez (OH)
Jacobs (NY)
Katko (NY)
Kinzinger (IL)
Salazar (FL)
Smith (NJ)
Turner (OH)
Upton (MI)

The Republican organization outlined the real problems America is facing and why gun control won’t be a solution to them:

We also need to punish bad actors harshly and decisively. School and mass shootings are a tragic consequence of a system that enables criminality. We need district attorneys who lock criminals up, and we need stringent school security measures, including armed guards and physical security infrastructure. We do not need restrictions on law-abiding Americans’ fundamental rights.

The NYYRC concluded its statment: 

At its core, the United States has a cultural problem and suffers from a moral decline embodied by Nicole Malliotakis and the nine other members of Congress mentioned above. The problem is a spiritual emptiness whose resolution requires a far more difficult effort than virtue signaling around firearms.

America is at a sensitive moment in its history. The Left is smelling blood in the water after a string of mass shootings. There are some spineless individuals in the Republican Party who try to appear “reasonable” in front of the corporate media. Little do these people know that they’re not offering a “solution”, but rather empowering rabid anti-Second Amendment leftists in Congress.

NYYRC understands this and is making sure to put pressure on politicians who misbehave. We need more of this if we want to fully restore our freedoms. 

The rest of NYYRC’s statement can be read here.

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