Roger Stone Pressures Ron DeSantis to Pass Constitutional Carry

Is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis serious about passing Constitutional Carry?

Ever since the Florida Governor told Matt Collins, the Director of Legislation for Florida Gun Rights, that he would sign Constitutional Carry into law, the Florida grassroots has become increasingly restless about passing said legislation.

So much so that Trump associate Roger Stone is now calling on DeSantis to start championing Constitutional Carry.

In a post made by the staff at the America's Citizen Press, an 11-second video of Stone was published showcasing his support for Constitutional Carry. This video was apparently recorded while Stone was participating at a voter integrity event in Tampa Bay, Florida.

In the video, Stone boldly called on DeSantis to do the following:

“Governor DeSantis, with all due respect, the voters of Florida want open Constitutional Carry, let’s get it done now.”

Stone was alluding to House Bill 103 which State Representative Anthony Sabatini recently introduced. Sabatini is currently running for Florida’s 7th congressional district.

At its core, Constitutional Carry allows lawful citizens to carry a firearm without having to beg for a government permission slip.

There are 21 states with Constitutional Carry so far. As the staff at the America's Citizen Press observed, Constitutional Carry legislation is now going through 5 other state legislatures such as Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Nebraska, and Ohio.

As mentioned before, DeSantis has publicly favored Constitutional Carry but has not publicly pushed for legislators in both chambers of the state legislature to pass the legislation.

For some further context, Stone and DeSantis have been beefing in recent weeks. Stone has come to Trump’s defense amid rumors of DeSantis potentially challenging Trump in the 2024 primaries. The Trump associate asserted that DeSantis would lose “big time” if he went head-to-head with the former US president for the Republican nomination.

So far, DeSantis has not responded to Stone’s remarks. At the moment, there have been no hearings nor any votes held on Constitutional Carry.

Now, most support for Constitutional Carry has come from county-level Republican parties, further showing that this is a purely grassroots campaign. All told, the grassroots will have to continue putting pressure on politicians and forcing them to go on record on Constitutional Carry.

Waiting for politicians to act out of the goodness of their hearts is a fool’s endeavor and a recipe for disappointment. Constant pressure is key in order to hold these politicians’ accountable.

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