Recent ATF Agent’s Resignation Letter Demonstrates How Tyrannical the ATF is Becoming 

There’s no reason to remind hardcore Second Amendment supporters that the ATF is an abominable government agency that is unconstitutional in nature and a total blight on what purports to be a free society. However, there are still many naive souls out here who claim to be pro-gun who should wake up and realize that this agency is no longer a “neutral” institution, and has never been for that matter. 

A recent resignation letter from an ATF agent exposed how bad things have gotten at the agency. 

AmmoLand was apparently able to obtain this resignation letter.

Jon Crump detailed the story of Brandon M. Garcia, an ATF special agent who worked at the agency before he decided to resign due to the politicization of the federal agency and the government’s policies designed to divide people.

García served in the ATF for 18 years. AmmoLand was able to acquire his resignation letter, which was six-page in length. 

In this letter, Garcia outlined how he didn’t work for the ATF out of a desire to stack big wads of cash. Nor did he do the job for fun. 

He served in the ATF out of a desire to arrest violent criminals and bring them to justice. He explains that he didn’t do the job for money or “fun.” However, in recent times, he started feeling that the work he was doing did not align with the ATF’s ostensive mission of bringing criminals to justice.

Garcia was often instructed to carry out tasks that didn’t make sense. Whenever he asked why he had to carry out those functions, he was routinely told because “they” [ATF higher-ups] said so. 

“I don’t know what the mission really is anymore, but I don’t like it. For the past couple of years, I have found myself asking “why” a lot more often. As of late, the answer is typically because “they” said so. I still don’t know who “they” are. But I seem to disagree with whoever “they” are on pretty much everything,” Garcia highlighted in his resignation letter.”

Garcia also called attention to how crimes nationwide are prosecuted in a different manner depending on the state’s political orientation. “Red” Republican states were generally cracked down on more.

In the letter, Garcia outlined that agents are instructed not to base their actions on personal and political beliefs. However, that standard is not followed by the entire Department of Justice. Garcia asserted that other ATF employees are coming to grips with this realization, albeit with greater difficulty. 

Garcia believes that the “woke left” is running government affairs. He cited the DOJ Civil Rights Division for contributing to low morale among ATF agents. Broadly speaking, Garcia views the Biden regime’s anti-police sentiments as a major factor behind the declining morale. 

“The last time morale was this low with ATF was probably 2013-2016. Coincidentally, that was also the last time we had an administration [Obama administration] openly criticize law enforcement,” Garcia stated. “Both administrations preached diversity, or rather “celebrate” it, but then expect everyone to have the same liberal opinion.”

The former agent now believes that polarization is here to stay in American politics and that those in the middle will be the most afflicted by this hyper-political environment. Garcia also mentioned how the government is  “adding fuel to the fire.” 

One of the more frightening allegations that Garcia made was how the FBI is disproportionately targeting the conservative population. He specifically cited the January 6 storming of the Capitol as an event where the feds arrested large numbers of people for simply being in attendance. Garcia expanded on his thoughts below: 

We can probably agree that law abiding citizens do not commit gun crime. I think that we can probably also agree that the majority of gun owners tend to be more conservative than liberal. So essentially, gun control will only affect law abiding, conservative citizens. Therefore, the Government is only punishing the conservative population. Similarly, in the summer of 2020, rioters were allowed to burn cities, assault the police, and terrorize citizens with little to no consequence. However, the chaos associated with January 6 has resulted in hundreds and hundreds of prosecutions. The vast majority of the defendants have been convicted of simply being there. They didn’t even have pallets of bricks or frozen water bottles staged at the scene, let alone Molotov cocktails for them to throw at the police. Still, 18 months later, the left continues to be absolutely obsessed with it.

The rest of Crump’s article can be read here

There is probably a growing number of people within the ATF that are becoming disenchanted with their work. Most of these people come with the naive assumption that they’re serving their country, but, in reality, they’re just cogs in a soul-sucking machine that is designed to plow over the rights of the American people. 

Indeed, there is value to having people on the inside who are able to whistleblow and expose the rot lying within many of our institutions. Based on their experience and credentials, these kinds of people will be taken more seriously. However, there comes a point when leaving these agencies becomes a matter of ethics.

Institutions like the ATF must ultimately be discredited before they are abolished. Hopefully, there are more agent Garcias out there who will expose the ATF and show the public how deprived this agency has become. 

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