David Hogg’s Best Friend is Running for Congress, and Promises to Ban Guns if Elected

Maxwell Frost, the Democrat nominee for Congress in Florida’s 10th Congressional District, almost makes radicals like Rep. Cori Bush and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seem reasonable.

While he supports every aspect of the most extreme wing of the Democrat Party’s agenda, including socialized medicine, abolishing police, the Green New Deal, and decriminalization of prostitution, his biggest issue seems to be crushing American’s Second Amendment rights.

In fact, one of Frost’s earliest supporters, and best friends, is anti-gun activist David Hogg. Hogg has obsessively Tweeted about Frost since his race was first announced.

Frost even took time out of his campaign to travel to Cambridge, Massachusetts to talk to Hogg’s Ivy League friends attending Harvard. That may also answer why Massachusetts is one of the state’s Frost gets most of his campaign money (80% of his campaign war chest comes from out of state donors).  

It isn’t surprising that the two are so close, considering that Frost was the National Organizing Director for ‘March for Our Lives,’ the gun control organization Hogg co-founded. Prior to working for the anti-gun group, Frost worked for socialist Bernie Sanders’ failed 2020 presidential campaign.

On Frost’s campaign website, he lays out of his gun-grabbing agenda, which includes:

  • Banning so-called “assault weapons” and what he calls “high-capacity ammunition magazines.”
  • Universal background checks (aka, universal gun registration).
  • Dismantling the NRA.
  • Developing a national task force to end gun violence with a racist cap on the amount of white people allowed.

Thankfully, voters in Florida’s 10th Congressional District have a candidate who doesn’t want to put the Second Amendment through the shredder.

Calvin Wimbish, a retired Green Beret Colonel is his Republican opponent, and stands against Frost’s extreme agenda.

On his campaign website, Wimbish clearly states his view on the Second Amendment.

Wimbish writes: “I support the 2nd Amendment that protects every law-abiding American citizen’s fundamental constitutional right to keep and bear arms.”

He further states that he supports “nationwide constitutional carry.”

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