OREGON: Gun Grabbers Introduce Bill to Tax Guns as Luxury Items

The anti-gun crowd will stop at nothing to make gun ownership as difficult as possible. Earlier this month, gun grabbers in Oregon filed a first-in-the-nation bill that would tax many firearms as “luxury items” to meet that end.

HB 4079, known as the Oregon Freedom Pilot Program, would add a 3% tax on items deemed a “luxury,” and then hand that money to low-income individuals.

The money would be pooled, and then given in $750 monthly increments to those who qualify, specifically targeted at low-income pregnant women and adults who have aged out of the foster youth program.

Along with firearms, the bill will target many other items, including airplanes, expensive watercrafts, high-end cars, and jewelry.

While the bill does not target every item, it purportedly targets the high-end items. It is unclear exactly what “high-end” will mean for firearms, as no price thresholds are listed in the bill’s text. But the bill sponsor, Democrat State Rep. Brad Witt gave a little bit of insight while speaking to KATU in Oregon.

“Jewelry would be a $20,000 threshold; we have a $15,000 threshold for items like snowmobiles,” said Witt. “Each item, the threshold pricing point was determined by what is the average cost of that item in the marketplace and we tried to get it at the very high end of that market to make sure it was luxury and not an everyday purchase price.”

The constitutionality of targeting luxury goods in general is something there is surely some debate over, the constitutionality of targeting firearms with such a tax was decided in 1789.

Gun ownership is a RIGHT, not a privilege.

Just as poll taxes are unconstitutional, taxes specifically targeting the right to firearm ownership are unconstitutional.

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