National Association for Gun Rights’ PAC Endorses Eric Schmitt for the United States Senate

On March 28, 2022, the National Association for Gun Rights Political Action Committee endorsed the current Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt for the U.S. Senate.

"The National Association for Gun Rights PAC is proud to endorse Eric Schmitt for election to the United States Senate. While serving in the Missouri State Senate, Eric Schmitt defended the right to keep and bear arms, and worked tirelessly to pass Constitutional Carry into law – restoring gun rights to law-abiding citizens in Missouri.  And as Attorney General in Missouri, Eric has continued to fight for the gun rights of Missourians by protecting the Second Amendment in the courts,” declared Dudley Brown, Director of NAGR-PAC.

When he served in the Missouri State Senate, Schmitt voted to ban the enforcement of federal gun control laws in Missouri and nullified unconstitutional federal gun control. In addition, he labored diligently to bolster stand your ground and castle doctrine laws at the state level. Schmitt served in the Missouri State Senate from 2009 to 2017. 

"At a time when gun rights are under constant attack from leftist radicals in D.C. who want to disarm law-abiding Americans any way they can, Eric Schmitt has publicly encouraged gun ownership for all patriotic citizens. His values and principles echo those of our organization and the members who support us,” stated Brown.

At the end of its press release, NAGR noted that “NAGR-PAC endorses and raises money to be used for candidates who are committed to the fight against gun control while expanding and furthering Second Amendment rights and protections in the United States.”

Federally speaking, there aren’t many pro-Second Amendment champions save for Rand Paul in the Senate and Lauren Boebert and Thomas Massie in the House. Paul is particularly lonely in the Senate, which tends to attract establishment Republicans. 

Schmitt is the real deal. His work has allowed Missouri to pass Constitutional Carry, something it accomplished in 2016, and become one of the most pro-gun states in the nation. According to AZ Defenders, Missouri is ranked in 9th place for best states for gun owners.

Schmitt’s addition to the Senate would go a long way in making this chamber of Congress more pro-Second Amendment. Politics boils down to behavior. Politicians who put in the work should be properly rewarded at the polls, while those who betray their constituents should be severely punished at the polls. 

The Right must get this embedded into its political mindset if it wants to have a major impact in the political process.

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