Missouri Bill to Repeal Gun-Free Zones Makes Progress in the State Senate

Is Missouri on its way to becoming a pro-Second Amendment stronghold?

Back in early March, the Missouri House voted to scrap gun-free zones that are present in public transportation in the Show Me State. House Bill 1462 was approved on a vote of 101 to 40.

Dean Weingarten of AmmoLand provided some details of this law:

Notwithstanding any provision of this chapter or chapter 70, 577,or 578 to the contrary, a person carrying a firearm concealed on or about his or her person who is lawfully in possession of a valid concealed carry permit or endorsement shall not be prohibited or impeded from accessing or using any publicly funded transportation system and shall not be harassed or detained for carrying a concealed firearm on the property, vehicles, or conveyances owned, contracted,or leased by such systems that are accessible to the public. For purposes of this subsection, “publicly funded transportation system “means the property, equipment, rights-of-way, or buildings, whether publicly or privately owned and operated, of an entity that receives public funds and holds itself out to the general public for the transportation of persons. This includes portions of a public transportation system provided through a contract with a private entity but excludes any corporation that provides intercity passenger train service on railroads throughout the United States or any private partnership in which the corporation engages.

In addition, this bill scraps a state law that prevents permit holders from carrying in churches. Under the new legislation being proposed, church officials who want to prohibit people from concealed carrying in their premises must inform permit holders beforehand that they could face prosecution for carrying in church without permission to do so.

Weingarten explained how this policy is not a radical proposal by any stretch of the imagination:

This is the way carrying on most private property is treated in the United States. Armed people have to be notified they are not welcome before any prosecution can take place.

On top of that, the bill lowers the minimum age requirement to apply for a carry permit from 19 to 18. In addition, the bill scraps the training mandate to acquire a concealed carry permit if the person possesses a military pistol marksmanship award. HB 1462 would also take brass knuckles from the state’s prohibited weapons list.

On April 5, HB 1462 the Senate passed the bill in committee. After being passed in the House, the Senate tacked on changes that would take switchblade knives and silencers/suppressors from the state’s list of prohibited weapons. 

Due to the partisan makeup of the Missouri State Senate, which is 24 Republicans to 10 Democrats, the bill will be passed if it comes to a full vote.

Missouri is one of the most pro-gun states in the country. According to AZ Defenders, the state is ranked in 9th place for best states for gun owners. Since passing Constitutional Carry in 2016, Missouri has taken a pro-Second Amendment turn.

Passing HB 1462 would further reinforce Missouri’s pro-Second Amendment status and make it one of the most attractive states for lawful gun owners to exercise their right to bear arms in.

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