Paul Gosar Stands up for Laura Loomer after the Feds Destroyed Her Right to Bear Arms

Representative Paul Gosar accused the Biden administration of keeping “two secret lists” that it uses to deny constitutional rights to political opponents. He pointed to a specific instance of denying an opponent the ability to possess a firearm.

Laura Loomer, an activist and congressional candidate, was mentioned in particular by Gosar in his letter, detailing how she was put on one of these lists without any specific cause.

Gosar published the letter on October 28th, which was addressed to Attorney General Merrick Garland, alluding to how the government is politicizing secret lists in order “to strip American citizens of their constitutional rights.”

“Between the No Fly List and the NICS List,” the letter asserted, “there are two secret lists the government uses to strip American citizens of their constitutional rights.  But they do so in secret. With no charges. No hearing. No due process.  It is a remnant from Soviet Russia and it needs to end.”

In the letter, Gosar wrote:

“I write to you today regarding innocent American citizens that are being stripped of their Second Amendment rights without due process and subjected to secretive lists that revoke constitutional rights without recourse. This troubling trend has affected an unknown amount of U.S. citizens. Secretive lists are increasingly being used to deny law abiding citizens, who have not committed a crime or used drugs, their constitutional rights.

This dubious practice by your department of disarming innocent Americans without due process is unacceptable and unconstitutional.”

Gosar was referring to a specific case, where Loomer found herself being mistakently listed as a prohibited possessor of a firearm. This was done despite Loomer not commiting any action to merit such a classification.

 “Laura Loomer, a former Arizona resident now U.S. congressional candidate in Florida’s 11th district,” Gosar added, “recently contested her listing on the NICS index."

The Arizona Congressman expanded on the FBII's abusive behavior:

The FBI never notified Loomer that she was placed in the NICS database, despite the fact that she had a gun at the time she was in the NICS database. Loomer only found out she was on the NICS list when she applied for a concealed carry CCW permit in Florida, and her application was denied. Even after being denied, Loomer had to make several more inquiries as to why she was denied.”

As Gosar pointed out in the letter, had Loomer been caught possessing a firearm that she was legally allowed to own – despite the NICS database mistakenly showing otherwise – she could’ve ended up in a complete legal fiasco. Gosar added, “Loomer could have still legally had a gun in Florida without carrying, and she never would have known that the FBI had banned her from being able to own a firearm. This begs the question, was the FBI trying to entrap Ms. Loomer, and how many other American citizens who are also in the FBI NICS database have not yet been notified that they have also been banned from owning and possessing firearms?”

Loomer published her own statement addresing the matter, where she revealed that she’s going to be working with Gosar to resolve her predicament. “Congressman Gosar asked the FBI whether or not they were trying to entrap me when they illegally red flagged me,” Loomer stated, “BANNING me from ever being able to own or possess a firearm, without ever notifying me when they placed me on the NICS database after I confronted former FBI Director James Comey."

Loomer continued:

“I’m pleased to announce I will be working with Congressman Gosar on ANTI-RED FLAG legislation so the FBI & DOJ can no longer politically target Americans & strip them of their Second Amendment Rights!”

Pro-Gun News reached out to Loomer for comment.

She noted that her episode with the anti-gun episode began after she “confronted James Comey.” Loomer added that the FBI is “clearly retaliating against people.”

Loomer stressed she "had a gun and was never notified that I was on the NICS list.”

This incident Loomer is currently facing just demonstrates how depraved the gun control regime in Washington, DC has become.

Any serious right-wing candidate would make the defunding, if not the outright abolition, of NICS a priority.

Lawful individuals should not be subject to federal gun control laws. Last time I checked, federal gun control regulations are not authorized by the Constitution.

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