Kenosha County Voters Will Determine if Wisconsin Will Become a Second Amendment Sanctuary State

One of the more intriguing developments in the pro Second Amendment space is the emergence of Second Amendment Sanctuaries. These counties have popped up nationwide and serve as symbolic expressions of opposition to gun control passed at the state and federal level. 

The momentum for such counties has picked up so much steam that now there are full-blown sanctuary state efforts beginning to take off.

Indeed, it’s amusing to see the Right appropriate a strategy the Left uses with regards to its sanctuary city policies that give shelter to illegal aliens. 

Now residents of Kenosha County, Wisconsin will have the chance to vote on whether Wisnconsin will become a sanctuary state for the Second Amendment. 

On August 2, 2022, the Kenosha County Board approved a resolution with an advisory referendum that features the following question: 

“Should the Wisconsin State Legislature declare the State of Wisconsin be a Second Amendment Sanctuary State?”

Voters in Kenosha County will decide if they want Wisconsin to become a Second Amendment Sanctuary state on November 8, the day midterm elections take place. 

Terry Flores of KPVI provided a break down of the county supervisors who voted for and against this resolution: 

The majority favoring the question on the ballot were supervisors William Grady, Brian Thomas, Zach Rodriguez, Zach Stock, Chairman Gabe Nudo, Tim Stocker, David Geertsen, Amanda Nedweski, Monica Yuhas, Brian Bashaw, John Poole, Mark Nordigian and Erin Decker. Voting against the measure were supervisors Terry Rose, Jeffrey Gentz, Laura Belsky, Ed Kubicki, Daniel Gashke, John Franco and Aaron Karow.

Kenosha was host to the riots of 2020 where a lawful armed citizen, Kyle Rittenhouse shot several assailants who were participating in the mayhem. After being charged for murder, Rittenhouse would later be aquitted of all charges on November 2021. 

After going through this case, Rittenhouse was not the only one who became hardened by this experience. It’s likely that many Wisconsinians got proverbially red-pilled in the process. The Badger state is no anti-gun paradise. According to AZ Defenders, it’s ranked in 21st place for best states for gun owners according to Guns & Ammo magazine. Ever since Scott Walker assumed the position of Governor in 2011, which he served until 2019, Wisconsin has taken a more pro-gun direction. Some of the most notable developments during Walker’s administration was the passage of concealed carry and castle doctrine in 2011. Since then, gun rights activists in the state have become much more aggressive in their efforts to turn the state into a pro-gun bastion. Wisconsin is a state that’s becoming more competitive for Republicans at both the state and federal level. 

The Wisconsin GOP would be wise to take hardline campaign stances on the Second Amendment. Moreover, other counties should follow in Kenosha’s footsteps and start passing their own sanctuary measures.

Now is the time to start pushing the envelope and making Gun Control Inc at each and every legislative corner of this fine country.

It will take relentless activism at all levels of government for us to resoundingly defeat gun control Inc.

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