Has Gun Control Become an Unpopular Issue Among the American public?

For years, the corporate press has attempted to convince people that gun control is overwhelmingly supported by the public and its passage is an inevitability. But when such measures are not passed, the gun controllers will blame the evil gun control lobby for throwing a wrench in their plans.

Perhaps, the reason we only see radical gun control passed in solid blue states is the fact that there are vast swathes of the American population — regardless of their partisan affiliation, race, creeds, socio-economic status, etc. — who support the right to bear arms, or at least are not down with radical leaps towards civilian disarmament.

Cam Edwards of Bearing Arms has recently confirmed this in a post where he showcased a USA Today/Suffolk University poll that indicated a lack of enthusiasm for gun control among American voters.

In the survey, those polled were asked to select which of the following issues should at the top of the Biden administration’s governing agenda in 2022:
  • Voting rights
  • Childcare programs
  • Universal pre-kindergarten
  • Climate initiatives
  • Gun control
  • Undecided

Among Republican respondents, the leading choice was “undecided” (46%). “Gun control” was in last place at 5%.

For independents, “undecided” was the top choice at 21%. “Childcare programs” was at a close second at 20%. “Gun control” was also the least popular issue for independents at 11%.

Among Democrats, gun control was a more popular issue for the Biden administration to prioritize. However, it still trailed well behind “voting rights” (38%) as the chief political priority that the Biden administration must tackle. Only 20% of Democrats believe that gun control is a pressing issue. In fact, “climate initiatives” were deemed more important by Democrats (23%).

Democrats’ lack of enthusiasm for gun control at the moment could partially be explained by the rise of Gun Culture 2.0 where historically marginal groups such as racial and sexual minorities, who were traditionally not into gun ownership. have increasingly embraced the concept in recent decades.

The emergence of Gun Culture 2.0 could potentially be a handbrake on even the most radical gun control being put forth in blue legislatures. Second Amendment activists should obviously focus on the low-hanging fruits in red state legislatures to get on the win column. That said, they should provide some material support to new Second Amendment groups in traditionally blue jurisdictions.

Once red states are secure, Gun Culture 2.0 could then be exploited to make gun control increasingly unpopular.

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