GAMECHANGER: Vital Florida County GOP Backs Constitutional Carry in a BIG Way

On the evening of January 6th, 2022, the Suwannee County GOP in Florida unanimously passed a resolution backing Constitutional Carry, in turn demanding that their elected representatives back the important pro-gun law.

The resolution reads, in part: “The Republican Executive Committee of Suwannee County supports HB 103 currently pending in the state legislature, in which anyone who legally possesses a handgun should be able to carry it, open or concealed, without a permit, while maintaining licensing as optional for reciprocity purposes. We urge all Republican legislators to support this legislation.” 

This news is a gamechanger for pro-gun activists, as Suwannee county is located within the district of State Rep. Chuck Brannan, who is the Chairman of the Criminal Justice & Public Safety Subcommittee, where Constitutional Carry, HB 103, is currently being held up.

So Rep. Brannan is the most immediate hurdle for the pro-gun legislation. He has the power to convene a hearing to allow it to move forward closer to passage, or to simply let it sit in his committee and die.

In fact, it was this very committee, then chaired by Rep. Cord Byrd, which killed 2021’s Constitutional Carry law. Byrd is now being primaried by a pro-gun candidate. Perhaps Brannan should take note of that.

This should be a no-brainer for Brannan, considering that he has TWICE returned the candidate survey from state gun-rights group Florida Gun Rights (FLGR) indicating support for Constitutional Carry.  

FLGR has been putting pressure on the State Legislature for years, urging them to pass this pro-gun law. Last year they delivered over 60,000 petitions in support of Constitutional Carry. (Pro-Gun News urges all Florida residents to sign the petition here.) 

Constitutional Carry simply codifies the actual meaning of the Second Amendment into law. It removes the shackles of government control over your right to keep and bear arms and instead states that anybody who can legally own a gun is legally allowed to carry it, without requiring a government permission slip.

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