Florida County Sheriff Al Nienhuis Attacks Open Carry

Hernando County Sheriff Al Nienhuis is no fan of open carry.

According to a report by The Suncoast News, Nienhuis is overseeing a program called the “Situation Awareness Firearms Education.” This program teaches the basics on handling firearms.

Nienhuis believes that such a course is educational in nature and can help citizens with concealed carry permits get more educated on gun policy and laws on the books in Florida. 

The course costs $100 and encompasses the use of force in addition to firing roughly 150 rounds. It also features a firearms simulator to demonstrate situations that could potentially involve the use of firearms. 

Nienhuis revealed that he is not personally in favor of open carry. 

“To me, it should be illegal to ‘open carry’ your firearm,” he declared. “Tactically, it’s not a very smart thing to do. If I’m not in uniform, I don’t want somebody to know I’m armed. I want to have that tactical advantage.”

All things considered, Nienhuis is not a fan of Constitutional Carry by extension. Constitutional Carry establishes that no citizen should have to beg the government for permission to open or concealed carry a firearm.

This kind of legislation is one of the hottest right-wing issues of our day. Hernando County easily went to Donald Trump 65%-34% in the 2020 presidential elections. In effect, Nienhuis is completely out of touch with many of the constituents in Hernando County who have strong right-wing views and desire legislation such as Constitutional Carry. 

It cannot be stressed enough: Law enforcement is not categorically in favor of the Second Amendment. Many higher-ups in law enforcement behave like your average politician who doesn’t care about civil liberties. 

The rank-and-file police officers tend to be more sympathetic to the everyman’s wants and desires. Gun owners must learn how to positively interact with law enforcement, while also calling out their corrupt leaders who serve as the public enforcement arm of Gun Control Inc. 

At the end of the day, identifying enemies and allies are key factors for effective political organization. Assuming too much often leads to disappointment in politics. 

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