Even Confirmed Bernie Sanders Supporter Joe Rogan is Becoming a Strong Second Amendment Supporter

The timeline we’re living in is truly unreal. 

It’s obvious to many in the pro-Second Amendment movement that most liberals and leftists are completely useless and outright hostile to gun rights. 

However, there are some exceptions to the rule, especially among the rank-and-file and individuals who don’t belong to the ruling class. 

Joe Rogan, the world’s most famous podcaster, had choice words for Gun Control Inc. and its international allies such as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in his Joe Rogan Experience podcast #1831. 

In that episode, Rogan expressed how  “disgusted” he was to hear Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s push against private gun ownership.

Trudeau made these anti-gun remarks on the Crooked Media podcast.

Trudea said on the podcast, “We have a culture where the difference is guns can be used for hunting or for sport shooting in Canada and there’s lots of gun owners and they’re mostly law respecting and law abiding.”

Trudeau continued, “But you can’t use a gun for self-protection in Canada, that’s not a right that you have, in the constitution or anywhere else.”

In a clip that the Post Millennial on Rumble, Rogan said that he was “disgusted” after reading Trudeau’s remarks about how guns can not be used to protect life. 

Rogan declared, “It’s one of the most wild things I’ve ever seen in my life.”

This wasn’t been the first time Rogan has expressed pro-gun sentiments. AWR Hawkins of Breitbart News noted how Rogan was critical of proposals by policymakers and pundits to ban firearms in the aftermath of the Uvalde shooting. 

Rogan noted, “It’s like, how do you stop that? No one knows how to stop that. What is the answer? Is the answer to take everyone’s guns? Well, they’re not gonna give their guns up. Only criminals are gonna have guns.”

The world-renowned podcast also sagely observed that by banning firearms more power would be consolidated among political elites. It makes sense because the political class are the only people who can afford private security or own firearms, while the rest of the peons have to be disarmed. 

Rogan expanded below:

I don’t think it’s wise to take all the guns away from people and give all the power to the government. We see how they are with an armed populace, they still have a tendency towards totalitarianism. And the more increased power and control you have over people, the easier it is for them to do what they do.

“And it’s a natural inclination, when you’re a person in power, to try to hold more po
wer and acquire more power,” Rogan continued.

Indeed, we’re at a moment where a major shift of public consciousness is taking place among the American populace. Joe Rogan is one of the few public figures who transcends political polarization. By making sensible points about gun policy, Rogan is using his celebrity position to proverbially red-pill the masses. 

With Rogan on the side of Second Amendment, there’s no telling how much pro-gun views will grow in the next few years. Rogan’s solid defense of the basic merits of gun ownership could be the turning point we need for pro-gun sentiments to become fully mainstream. 

Now it’s up to us to continue carrying this momentum and make pro-gun sentiments a perpetual fixture of American politics. 

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