Denver Passes Ban on “Ghost Guns” Within the City

Denver is the latest city to fall victim to Gun Control Inc's "ghost gun" craze.

Earlier this month, the city of Denver, Colorado passed a ban on these firearms.

Ghost guns are homemade firearms without serial numbers or markings. As a result, these firearms cannot be traced to their original owners, manufacturer, or seller.

According to Amanda Horvath of Rocky Mountain PBS, this ban “includes prohibiting the possession, carrying (open or concealed), wearing, flourishing, use, or manufacturing of non-serialized firearms (including any non-serialized frame or receiver).”

Any person in Denver caught in possession of a ghost gun could be compelled to immediately give up their weapon, be fined up to $999, and face up to 30 days in jail.

“There is no single solution to preventing gun violence in our communities, but this ordinance is an important step toward keeping these unregistered and untraceable firearms off our streets and out of the hands of those banned from gun ownership,” declared Denver city attorney Kristin Bronson in a press release.

Building firearms at home is as American as apple pie. A case can be made that this practice predates the formation of our nation. Regardless, such a prohibition is an exercise in futility. It will not reduce crime whatsoever. We should remember that criminals on the black market will find ways to manufacture and acquire firearms regardless of the gun control regulatory regime that’s in place.

Denver’s passage of this anti-gun ordinance is unsurprising due to Colorado’s dramatic anti-Second Amendment shift over the past decade. As the state gets bluer, more anti-Second Amendment laws at the state and local level will continue to be passed in the Rocky Mountain State.

At its core, a ghost gun ban is just another way the government can sneak into people’s private affairs and increase its power over them. Gun control is really about people control. It’s a type of control that leaves the law-abiding defenseless, while the government and private criminals are empowered as a result.


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