Could Constitutional Carry Die in the Indiana Senate?

It bears repeating.

Blindly trusting the Republican Party to restore the right to bear arms is a fool’s errand.

For those of us who have gone through the trials and tribulations of grassroots lobbying, this has become a part of the way we operate. But for the uninitiated, this could be a rude wake-up call.

House Bill 1077, which would establish Constitutional Carry in the Hoosier State, was passed in the Indiana State House on January 11, 2022 with a 64 to 29 vote. Constitutional Carry would allow law-abiding Hoosiers 18 or older to carry a firearm without a permit.

This bill is now in the Indiana Senate, where Republicans hold a 39 to 10 majority. Seems like a lock for passage?

Not exactly.

Republicans are notorious for killing legislation in committees. In Indiana’s case, this is not a novel occurrence.

For example, in 2021, Indiana’s Constitutional Carry bill was killed in a Senate committee.

Senate Judiciary Chair Liz Brown did not even give the bill a hearing, much less hold it to a vote. Most of this was due to pressure from several police organizations.

Opponents of Constitutional Carry used the same, tired arguments that there should be a vetting process for carrying a firearm.

"We will have people walking on our street never vetted by law enforcement, never receiving a background check with loaded firearms around our children," declared Jennifer Haan, a volunteer with the Indiana chapter of Moms Demand Action.

Supporters of Constitutional Carry argue that the permit requirement is an affront to the Second Amendment, which is viewed as a natural right that should not be subject to government red tape.

"This right is a God-given natural right, not one given by the government. The government should not be your plan for self-defense. It's your responsibility to protect yourself, your families, your loved ones as well as your neighbors," declared Hamilton County Sheriff Dennis Quakenbush.

With the bill going to the Senate, Constitutional Carry supporters are worried it will be assigned to the committee where it was killed by establishment politicians in 2021.

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