CNN won't like what this black conservative said destroying their Rittenhouse narrative

CNN wants you to believe that all black Americans are united against Kyle Rittenhouse. But this black conservative proved them wrong...

In video taken by Fox News, it shows the unidentified man who describes himself as a "constitutionalist," defending Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, WI on the first day of jury deliberation in the 18-year old's murder trial. 

"I support Kyle Rittenhouse because I'm a constitutionalist," he bagan. "I believe that he defended himself."

He went on to blast Black Lives Matter demonstrators attacking Rittenhouse, stating that "I believe all this is a popular opinion."

Stating that he has "watched the video 50 million times," he makes the case for Rittenhouse defending himself. 

CNN clearly doesn't want you to watch this video, which is why we're hoping you share it far and wide. 

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