Border Patrol Agents Call on Americans to “Utilize Your Second Amendment” for Safety

If there is a group of law enforcement agents in America that support the Second Amendment, it’s Border Patrol.

Border Patrol veteran Roy Cantu believes that the border crisis taking place under the Biden administration’s watch could worsen and has called on Americans to “utilize your Second Amendment” for safety.

According to a FOX News report, Cantu informed the National Rifle Association that Biden’s vaccine mandate for every federal employee means that Border Patrol agents must get vaccinated or lose their job.

Cantu called attention to the fact that if the Border Patrol agency loses various members there will be heightened danger for Americans thanks to a porous border that is no longer adequately protected thanks to a lack of state, which he noted below:
The federal government is demanding that I either undergo a force vaccination or lose their livelihood that puts food on my family’s table. That’s my so-called choice. But this isn’t just about me. The border crisis is worse than you can imagine. And if hundreds, even thousands of Border Patrol agents are terminated, it will impact every single American, including my own family here in the Rio Grande Valley.

Cantu also said to the NRA:

Mr. President, with all due respect, you’ve never been to the border. If you truly respect the work the Border Patrol does for this country, I humbly request that you agree to sit down and meet with me. So I can show you just how bad the situation is and explain why terminating agents will be a disaster for national security.

Cantu boldly proclaimed, “It’s your responsibility to protect yourself and your family. Utilize your Second Amendment.”

For residents of South Texas and other areas of America’s Southwest that border Mexico, having the right to bear arms can be a matter of life and death.

After all, Mexican drug cartels are allowed to enter the U.S. with virtual impunity and these characters are well-armed and ready to prey on the innocent.

Even legitimate law enforcement bodies— from Border Patrol to local police – cannot be fully relied on to defend people at all times.

At the end of the day, an armed lawful individual is still the best first responder against crime.  It’s good to see that patriotic Border Patrol agents recognize this and stand firmly for the Second Amendment.
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