Biden in 1985: Criminals Will Get Firearms ‘With or Without Gun Control’

If you look into the past of most anti-gun Democrats who have been in office for more than ten years, they used to be have polar opposite views on the Second Amendment. 

Joe Biden in particular, has completely flip-flopped. While he was never a pro-gun champion, early in his career he was to the right of some moderate Republicans today.

As NBC News reports, while in the Senate in 1985, Biden not just votes for the pro-gun Firearm Owners Protection Act (FOPA), he vocally spoke out in support of the bill. 

The FOPA “allowed dealers to sell rifles, shotguns and ammunition through the mail, and, eventually, the internet.” Something Biden today opposes. 

When he voted in favor of the law, Biden described it as a “balanced piece of legislation that protects the rights of private gun owners while not infringing on law enforcement’s ability to deal with those who misuse guns or violate laws.”

He added, “During my 12 and a half years as a member of this body, I have never believed that additional gun control or federal registration of guns would reduce crime. I am convinced that a criminal who wants a firearm can get one through illegal, nontraceable, unregistered sources, with or without gun control.”

The Joe Biden of today would call the Joe Biden of 1985 a "pro-gun extremist." 


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Joe Biden by Gage Skidmore is licensed under Wikimedia Commons

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