American Gun Owners Are Against Federal Tracking and Fear Gun Confiscation

According to a recent survey by Rasmussen Reports, most American gun owners don’t want the federal government collecting information on gun owners. The Americans who responded to this poll fear that a federal tracking system could lead to gun confiscation.
44% of likely U.S. voters believe the federal government should track gun owners. However, another 44% of likely voters disagree and 12% are unsure. 
43% of voters own firearms or live with someone who does. On the other hand, 49% live in households without guns. Among voters in households where guns are owned, 53% believe the government should not track individuals who own firearms in America. 
However, the picture changes for people who live in households without firearms. 55% say the government should keep tabs on gun ownership. 
No Compromise Second Amendment organization Gun Owners of America (GOA) recently sounded the alarms on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) potentially compiling records on millions of American gun owners.
GOA and similar pro-Second Amendment groups are worried that the Biden administration is establishing “a national database of gun owners — which has long been prohibited under U.S. law.” 
51% of voters believe gun registration would lead to gun confiscation. This includes 32% of respondents who believe it  is “Very Likely” that a federal database of gun owners would lead to confiscation. 38% of respondents believe it’s unlikely that a government list of gun owners would eventually lead to confiscation. This includes 20% who say it is “Not At All Likely”.
 Among voters in households with firearms, 58% believe that if the federal government possessed a list of firearms in the United States, it is likely the government would pursue gun confiscation measures. This group includes 36% who believe confiscation would be “Very Likely.” When it comes to voters living in households without firearms, 46% think it’s likely a government list of gun owners would lead to confiscation, while 44% don’t think confiscation would be likely.
63% of Republicans oppose the idea of the federal government tracking who owns firearms in the U.S.. whereas 64% of Democrats support tracking gun owners. Among independent voters, 47% stated that the government should not track gun owners. On the other hand, 38% of independent voters support the government tracking gun owners.
64% of Republicans, 40% of Democrats, and 58% of independent voters believe that if the federal government had a database of gun owners in the U.S., it would increase the likelihood of the government making a move to confiscate all firearms. 
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