VICTORY: Gun and Ammo Tax UNANIMOUSLY Ruled Unconstitutional by Illinois Supreme Court

In a huge victory for Illinois gun owners, who aren't used to seeing many of those, the state's Supreme Court just struck down Cook County's gun and ammo tax as unconstitutional. 

The Truth About Guns reports: 

The Illinois Supreme Court has struck down Cook County’s gun and ammo tax as unconstitutional in a decision released yesterday. In Guns Save Life v. Ali, the state’s high court ruled the tax on an unpopular fundamental right improperly violates the Illinois Constitution’s uniformity clause.

The Cook County Board implemented $25 per gun tax on firearm purchases in 2013 to make legal gun owners help pay for gun crimes committed by gang members and other violent criminals, primarily in Chicago. Later, the Cook County Board galaxy brains implemented yet another tax on a fundamental right they don’t like with in a 5 cents per round ammo tax (a penny per round for rimfire ammo).

The ruling came in 6-0, and makes clear that these sort of taxes are a clear infringement on the Second Amendment. 

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