17 Gun Companies are Leaving for Friendlier States

There are some states in America that are minefields for any gun-related activity. Just ask firearms companies what it’s like operating under anti-gun blue states. At this juncture in American history, living in a blue state is a nightmare for anyone who believes in freedom.

Organizations like the National Shooting Sports Foundation have made it a point to warn firearms companies to leave Democrat states and head towards more gun-friendly states in the American Sun Belt. In the 2022 SHOT Show that is set to take place from January 18 to January 21, NSSF will be holding a forum that pro-gun governors will use to make the case for their states as friendly areas for pro-gun enterprises.  

In the last few years, 17 gun companies have had move to more pro-gun climes, per a list that the NSSF organized.

NSSF Senior Vice President Lawrence G. Keane will be organizing this forum for governors representing close to a dozen states to talk about the state of the gun industry in blue states.

“This is a unique opportunity to hear directly from several governors of the importance of the firearm industry to their state,” Keane stated. “NSSF has hosted governors in previous shows, but we wanted to be able to give each of the governors an opportunity to talk about why they want to bring this growing and vibrant industry to their states.”

This forum should be pretty eye-opening to say the least. There’s a clear bifurcation of gun policy in the United States. Red states will be the ones who will allow people to freely exercise their right to bear arms and let the firearms industry operate without many obstacles. Blue states will be gun control strongholds where lawful people will be at the mercy of criminals, who will likely operate with impunity, thanks to the soft-on-crime policies present in these states.

All in all, red states are pretty much sanctuaries for the Second Amendment at this point. To be sure, there are some whose gun laws need work but they’re heck of a lot better than the average blue state these days.

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