Will Anti-Gun Leftists Target Secretaries of State to Launch Attacks Against the Second Amendment?

One has to give credit when credit is due. The Left is relentless when it comes to their efforts to destroy the Second Amendment. 

Even when they get rejected in their legislative efforts, the Left continues finding avenues to undermine the right to bear arms. Relentless is in their DNA. 

David Codrea of AmmoLand News recalled receiving an email from MoveOn signed by former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich. The email read as follows: 

“The goal of the America First Secretary of State Coalition is to elect Trump marionettes to the top elections administration in critical swing states so that when the 2024 election comes, they will have the power to declare Trump the winner—no matter the true will of the voters,” former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich lies in a MoveOn email sent to “members and supporters.”

Codrea posted the entire email on his website.  

“[T]his is an existential threat to our democracy,” Reich declared. “But thankfully, my good friends at MoveOn are doing something they’ve never done in their history: MoveOn is running a multimillion-dollar campaign to defeat MAGA candidates for secretary of state and elect honest Democrats who will protect our democracy and count every vote.”

When it comes to secretaries of state, this is where things get interesting. Codrea listed off the functions that his Secretary of State in Ohio, Frank LaRose, carries out per the Ohio Secretary of State’s website. 

Here are some SOS functions that stand out:

Elections & Voting
Campaign Finance
Legislation & Ballot Issues

Throughout Reich’s email, the former Clinton functionary was moaning about the alleged dangers of “extremists” and “insurrectionists.” He was particularly worried about pro-Trump officials using Secretary of State positions to advance right-wing interests at the Left’s expense. 

Knowing the Left, Reich’s hand-wringing reeks of major projection. The Left are a power hungry bunch who are constantly looking for ways to assault our freedoms. Anytime they see a right-wing figure assume control of a position like the SOS, they’re angry about the fact that this position is not within their grasp. Once in power, the Left will undoubtedly use the SOS to disenfranchise certain segments of voters they deem as dangerous.  

When they’re in power, leftists do not mess around. They play for keeps. The hypothetical scenario that Codrea put forward actually has some merit to it.

The Left has also demonstrated its ability to use unconventional means to change gun politics and move it in an anti-freedom direction. Case in point, its use of Big Tech to censor pro-gun groups and business, in addition to Gun Control Inc’s use of litigation to bankrup firearms companies for the actions of third parties. 

Getting involved in SOS races where the Left could potentially install one of their own in office will give them another launchpad for further assaults against the Second Amendment. What Codrea’s post illustrates is the importance of getting involved in state and local level politics in order to make sure all of our bases are covered. As a result, the Left is deprived of as many governmental and private sector vehicles as possible. In turn, the Left will be limited in the ways it can move policy in an anti-gun direction. 

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