New Orleans Police's Slow Response Time Shows Why Armed Civilians are the Best First Responders

While this author is not into the “defund the police” mania or broader efforts to weaken law enforcement,  I do recognize the limits police have when it comes to stopping crime. As they say, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

One city where this is most apparent is New Orleans. According to a report from The Times-Picayune, the New Orleans police take an average of 2.5 hours to respond to a 9-1-1 call.

Times-Picayune staff writer Matt Sledge noted that this figure was “calculated by the data firm AH Datalytics and presented to the council’s criminal justice committee, was determined after looking at response times for all calls — including low-priority incidents, like fender-benders or stolen cars where residents are in little danger.”

Tom Knighton of Bearing Arms observed that New Orleans Police Department is currently having a manpower problem, which makes it difficult for them to effectively police crime. 

On top of that, law enforcement funding was slashed by $15 million in 2021. 

Back in January, New Orleans police union president Mike Glasser blamed progressive politicians for as to why police officers in New Orleans are leaving the city in search of greener pastures. There’s very little point in being in law enforcement when the criminals you catch are back out on the streets in no time and you face constant demonization from the media and radical leftist groups. This scenario is likely playing out in many cities across the nation. 

Now, there are legitimate critiques that can be made against law enforcement. For example, law enforcement’s response times and how they don’t usually do their job of serving and protecting the public, as witnessed by the Uvalde police department’s cowardly performance during that massacre. 

Because of this, it’s incredibly important for lawful individuals to be armed. As the US grows more unstable and people lose trust in institutions, people will have to rely on their right to bear arms or groups of lawful individuals who exercise said rights. 

At this juncture, lawful gun owners are the best first responders against criminal actors. 

José Niño is a freelance writer and political analyst based in Austin, Texas. Contact him via Facebook or Twitter. Get his premium newsletter on political strategy here. Subscribe to his Substack here.

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