Flashback: Leading Florida Republicans Back Scrapping Gun Permit Requirements

Back on October 4, 2021, Florida Gun Rights issued a press release highlighting how Republican leaders in the Sunshine State are becoming increasingly receptive towards passing Constitutional Carry.

Constitutional Carry is the simple concept that any lawful individual should be allowed to carry a firearm without having to beg the government for permission.

As gun rights activists know, Republicans cannot always be counted on to support pro-Second Amendment legislation, which usually requires extra pressure to be placed on elected officials.

The good news is that groups like FLGR have been able to get several politicians on record about their support for Constitutional Carry by attending public meetings and asking them about their support for said issue.

During a legislative listening session that took place in late September, Senate Majority Leader Debbie Mayfield declared, “I support Constitutional Carry. That is one of the things we will probably be looking at this session because it is important.”

In addition, Senator Joe Gruters, Chair of the Republican Party of Florida, said he supported Constitutional Carry during a Sarasota legislative listening session in late September. However, he clarified that he didn’t want to see “assault rifles” on beaches and stressed that any Constitutional Carry bill he would support must contain protections for the tourism industry.

Florida Gun Rights Director of Legislation, Matt Collins, visited multiple legislative listening sessions to probe legislators on the issue.

“It sounds like some top Senators may now be on board, but where does Governor Ron DeSantis stand on Constitutional Carry?” asked Collins.

The good news is that DeSantis has come out in favor of Constitutional Carry in recent weeks.

During a reception the Florida GOP celebrated at the Governor's Mansion on December 3, Collins was able to have a brief chat with DeSantis. Upon talking to DeSantis, Collins inquired if the Florida Governor would sign Constitutional Carry into law.

DeSantis immediately replied, “Of course.”

“There’s no excuse for the Florida Legislature to delay the passage of HB 103, Constitutional Carry. With Gov. DeSantis on board, and self-proclaimed pro-gun Republicans in control of both chambers, law-abiding gun owners in Florida deserve to see their elected officials restore gun rights in 2022,” stated Collins.

The Republican Party of Florida has put the passage of Constitutional Carry as a key of pillar of its platform.

So far, there are 21 states with some form of Constitutional Carry. 2021 was a big year for this legislation, with 5 states having passed the legislation.
Constitutional Carry is the hottest Second Amendment fight in the present, having seen the number of states with the legislation grow from 2 in 2009 to 21 in 2021.

Serious Second Amendment activists should make it a goal to pass this legislation in every red state nationwide.
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