Fake News Media is Losing its Mind over Missouri’s Nullification Law Against Federal Gun Control

When the media loses its mind, you know a state, politician, or organization is doing something right.

Earlier this month, CNN and CBS threw a fit over Missouri’s Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA). These outlets were worried about the idea of local law enforcement being prevented to cooperate with federal agents on gun control related issues. For these media organs, nullification of federal gun control law could potentially endanger communities.

For those with short-term memory, Missouri Governor Mike Parson signed SAPA into law on June 13, 2021.

WLBT observed that SAPA “prohibits the enforcement of federal gun laws by local law enforcement agencies.”

Parson shared his thoughts on SAPA, declaring:

Throughout my law enforcement career and now as Governor of the state of Missouri, I have and always will stand for the Constitution and our Second Amendment rights. This legislation today draws a line in the sand and demonstrates our commitment to reject any attempt by the federal government to circumvent the fundamental right Missourians have to keep and bear arms to protect themselves and their property.

AWR Hawkins did a good job covering the media’s fearmonger regarding the rise of the nullification movement.  On November 5, 2021, CNN detailed that elected officials “in at least 17 states have introduced bills this year taking aim at possible federal gun restrictions.” CNN also detailed how the bills introduced in the 17 states differ in degree. Nevertheless, CNN believes that Missouri’s measure was far too radical.

CNN reached out to University of Illinois Professor Alexandra Filindra to get her thoughts on Missouri’s law. Filindra described the law as “part of an ideological system” which operates under the assumption “that the other side — in this case, the Democrats — are devious and intent on taking political rights away and imposing a socialistic tyranny.”
Filandra continued, “Information that conflicts with this narrative is dismissed. Saying Biden is a Democrat and coming for your guns is a great way to motivate anger and get people to vote in the midterm, especially.”

Similarly, on November 7, 2021, CBS News reached out to two prosecutors who have beef with SAPA.

Butler County, Missouri, prosecutor Kacey Proctor stated, “What I oppose about it, and what I would ask for to be– to be looked at and possibly fixed is the ability for law enforcement officers to interact with their federal partners to go after people who are violent in nature and are– committing crimes in our community.”

CBS News also got in touch with Poplar Bluff, Missouri, Sheriff Danny Whiteley, who has stopped cooperating with federal agents on gun control related cases after SAPA went into effect.

According to a report by KMIZ, once Parson signed SAPA into law, he hinted at the law’s passage being necessary to assist federal elected officials understand that all unconstitutional gun control laws passed under Joe Biden’s watch would face fierce opposition in Missouri.

Parson declared, “[SAPA] puts those in Washington D.C. on notice that here in Missouri we support responsible, law-abiding gun owners, and that we oppose government overreach and any unlawful efforts to limit our access to firearms.”

Missouri is in the right here. The federal government can’t just waltz around and pass unconstitutional gun control in completely violation of both the Second Amendment and states’ rights.

Missouri is one of the more pro-gun states in America. Since it passed Constitutional Carry in 2016, the state has drastically improved its pro-Second Amendment profile.

It is now ranked in 12th place for Guns & Ammo magazine’s rankings for best states for gun owners.

To beat back the gun control crowd, states will have to follow Missouri’s lead and start nullifying federal gun control law. Complying with this tyranny just emboldens these tyrannical ghouls.


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