Democrats Give the Game Away on Their Senate Gun Control Plan 

For years, Second Amendment advocates have warned about the progressive nature of gun control. Advocates of civilian disarmament will always try to assuage their would-be victims that the gun control measures they’re putting forward are just “reasonable compromises.”

In reality, these gun control schemes represent a long-term project where Gun Control Inc. plays a pragmatic game of gradualism. In other words, by passing incremental gun control, the gun control crowd is creating a slippery slope scenario where their successful gun control efforts pile up and turn into one nasty gun grab in the long-term. That’s the nature of the game, and sober Second Amendment advocates would be wise to recognize that. Lee Williams, the chief editor of the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalist Project, grasps this uncomfortable reality of contemporary politics. 

During a March for Our Lives event earlier this month, Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz spilled the beans on what Gun Control Inc.’s end game is all about. MSNBC’s Alex Witt asked her about the recent gun control proposal the Senate put forward. 

The response she gave to a question about the gun control “framework” that 20 Senators from both parties support was rather telling: 
“We were expecting moderate reform at best, I wasn’t expecting anything of significance. Anything you can do to put an obstacle in the path of someone who would do themselves or someone else harm and save a life, is a step we should take while saying we should push for a lot more. This is only the beginning, it has to be only the beginning, not the end.”

Wasserman Schultz continued by noting that anti-Second Amendment forces will now likely single out Senate Republicans and “everyone in congress.”
“We absolutely have an opportunity to move forward, and let me just be clear, Alex, for those of us who support much more significant reform, this is just the beginning,” she stated. “We have to begin to make some progress, I’m glad that those 10 senators had the courage thus far.”

Wasserman Schultz’s comments have confirmed the fears many gun owners have had about how the gun controllers move. They’re playing the long game here and looking for every way possible to get their foot in the door. If these people are given even an inch, they will take the whole mile.  
At this moment, Second Amendment advocates must hold their ground and not concede an inch to the anti-gun Left. 
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